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Maverick Outfitters operates under a special use permit with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and is an equal opportunity provider. 


Pack Trips

All Inclusive

We provide everything except your personal gear.   Home style cooking with sun heated showers and portable latrines.  Wranglers and cook cater to you for your horse camping experience.  Day ride from the base camp to different alpine lakes nestled in deep glacial canyons.  Stay in camp and relax if you like. 

Drop Camp

You're taken by saddle stock to a location of your choice.  We pack your gear in and return on a pre-determined day and pack you pack out.  Length of stay does not reflect price of trip.  You will be riding an experienced trail horse or mule.  Pack mules can carry approximately 150 lbs.  The amount of weight depends on the bulkiness of your gear. 


This is the person that prefers to walk.   We'll pack your gear in for you and come back at a pre-determined day to pack you back out.  Ice chest can be packed in with your favorite food and cold beverage.  

Backpacker Special

We'll drop off your backpack at your camp site.  You walk at your own pace usually starting uphill.  One way trip if you desire.